Friday, January 7, 2011

your so fukn gay.


Let’s get WILD

                            this is so me lately. i neeed all my bracelets.

im totally feeling like this about 2k11 right now. lol its the worst year so far. and
do i even need to explain why? heres the top 3 reasons;
im single.
im jobless.
i miss zack.

and so it shall be, like ive said before. i could be a bitch and ruin your life, make it a living hell. but ill just sit here and watch you do it yourself(:

^^^^^^^^^^this is so me late at night! haha i get so bored!

-> i was on my way outside earlier. and this is how it went down;;
me: granny im going out back
granny: um why? its cold
m: to feed my dinosaur
g: oh ok well atleast put a jacket on
lmfao atleast she goes along with it!

now thts bad. diggin it.




I literally read this out loud in his voice.

^^lmfao i just said it in his voice out loud.
the words are coming i feel terrible. is it typical for us to end like this? am i just another scene from a movie that you’ve seen one hundred times. cause baby you weren’t the first or the last or the worst. and i’ve got to fill the blanks in the past with a verse. and we could sit around and cry but frankly you’re not worth it anymore.



 prettty :3

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