Monday, January 17, 2011

careful with my heart.

Love yourself.

cute tattoo

I REALLY wish it was this easy. ^^

He made me feel special and wanted and then it was taken away so quickly.
I wish, I never met you.
Because then I would of never fell for you. Then everything I do now, wouldn’t fucking remind me of you. Even if it meant, I would go back to my stupid depressing state, where I had no one, and lost faith in love, and was fucking lonely and depressed, and taking pills to ease the pain. I still fucking wish I never met you. Because now, I feel like I’ve gotten worst. Now, that your gone. I feel even worst then I used to. Now that you fucking left the way you did, without so much of a reason. I fucking am more depressed then I was before I met you. I really fucking wish your happy. Sorry won’t fucking fix this shit. I really fucking wish I never fucking met you.

fucking stunning.


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