Friday, January 14, 2011

and now its time to shower.

I feel shitty about myself all the time. The people around me take me for granted so I’m completely off the rails. They lie to me, they ignore me, they bitch about me and then when they need something from me it’s all smiles. The boy who i loved says he wants me back, begs me, then ditches me for someone else the next month. So what do I do? I want some attention, I don’t want to be ignored. I do things that I know aren’t doing me any good and I don’t open up to anyone anymore. I’ve lost touch with people, you could say I don’t know how to be human anymore. Even after I try all of that, no one has noticed that I’m slowly disapearing.
I’m not saying it will happen now, tomorrow, next month or even next year. But when you get a few years down the track and look back on how your life was then, to the shit in your life now, you’ll regret everything. You will regret how you spoke to me, how you treated me, and how you lost me. You will remember how caring I was, how well I treated you, and you will think why it wasn’t the same for you in return, just like I think now. You’ll wish I was still there, but I’ll be long gone - living my life how I please. Once I figure out what I want to do, there’s no stopping me. No one will.
 my heart strings come undone;

  1. The only way to learn and see how something might work out, is through action. 
  2. You never fail until you stop trying. 
  3. All the “what ifs?” are pointless. It couldn’t have happened any other way if it’s already over.
  4. Make sure you’re able to identify and separate your emotions from what others are feeling.
  5. You’re capable of accomplishing more than you realize. Stop doubting yourself. 
  6. When you’re happy, share that happiness with the people who need it most. 
  7. Never act when emotions have clouded your mind to the point where you don’t realize the consequences until it’s too late. Don’t make an important decision when you aren’t even in the right frame of mind.
  8. Going back to the person you used to be, can’t be done. All you can do is improve yourself. 
  9. When you want to help someone you care about, you need to do it because you want to. Help them, knowing and accepting that you might not get anything in return.
  10. Stop living in the past. Allow the past to be a reference to remind you of what mistakes shouldn’t be repeated in the present. 
  11. Do not take on someone else’s problem. It’s something they need to get through on their own. All you can do in your power is be there for them. 
  12. Love isn’t just a word. It’s a feeling. If you don’t feel the emotion, don’t bother telling someone you love them. 
  13. Once you love someone, it’s basically impossible to stop. If you claim that you no longer love someone, it means you never loved them at all. 
  14. Don’t fight who you are. Even if you try to hide it, people can see right through you and see what you really are.
  15. You are going to hurt the ones you love the most, no matter how much you say you won’t. It’s going to happen. 
  16. You need to pull yourself together before you even consider helping those around you. 
  17. Recognize who your fake friends are and eliminate them. They’re preventing you from finding the real friends. 
  18. A lesson is repeated until it is learned.
  19. If a situation is out of your control, don’t spend all your time thinking about it. By doing that, you’re going to stay where you are in life. 
  20. Move on to a different situation that is changeable and come back later to the one that doesn’t yet have a solution.
  21. When nothing seems to be going right, think back to another time where you felt the same way. Realize that if you were able to get through it before, you’re strong enough to pull through it again. 
  22. Make choices without always turning to someone for the answers. 
  23. You know yourself better than anyone else. 
  24. You do know what you have until it’s gone. You just assumed that you’d never lose it.
  25. If you believe something so strongly it’ll eventually happen. 
  26. Be aware that people make mistakes. Don’t hate them for it.
  27. Forgive but never forget cause if you do, you wouldn’t be able to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 
  28. People are capable of changing but don’t force them. Let them find out for themselves. If they’re willing to that is.
  29. Living in fear that you’re going to lose someone changes nothing. Instead, think about ways to avoid losing them. 
  30. Analyze all the cons and pros when you feel like you need to walk away from someone. There’s always that one reason that will convince you to stay or go.
  31. Someone in life is always holding you back. Then there’s that person that’s worth holding on to. Make sure you know the difference. 
  32. There’s no such thing as “going back to the way things were”. If that was possible, it would mean that’d we have to be in the same situation and feel the same exact way. Choices and events can be repeated, but never in the same exact way. 
  33. Sometimes you can’t find accurate answers unless you take a look at the entire picture, from all different views and perspectives. 
  34. Stop feeling hopeless about everything around you. Things never stay the same and that implies for both the good and bad. 
  35. You can’t cross the bridges tomorrow if you burn them today. 
  36. You’re going to run into people that point our your flaws. They’re the ignorant ones because they haven’t yet been able to accept their own. 
  37. Look at the positive outcome in a situation. Quit building all the worries, doubts and fears in your head.
  38. Stop being afraid to talk to someone first. For all you know, they could have the same fear and be waiting for you to make an indication that you’re willing to put in effort.
  39. Sometimes people don’t realize how much you love them or how much they mean to you. So remind them every once in awhile. 
  40. If you focus all your attention on blaming yourself for what you did that hurt people, you’ll never be able to take the time to think what you could do to change it. 
  41. There’s a lesson that comes along with every single struggle in life. But everyone comes to each of their realizations at different times. 
  42. Stop holding back what you need to tell someone. Stop second guessing yourself and confront them already.
  43. Don’t be so quick to judge a person you hardly know - there’s a reason they’re like that.
  44. Live in the moment because there’s going to come a day where that one single moment will become a chance you never took, for whatever reasons. 
  45. Take a look at where you currently are in life. Think back to all the things that got you to where you are now.
  46. A person who truly loves you, will never let you go, no matter how difficult the situation is.
  47. Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they’ll notice. If they don’t, you know where you stand. 
  48. The situation you’re facing now will pass, leaving you with an experience you needed to go through in order to get through the next one. 
  49. Take a slight detour to your past if you want to find out what/who made you become the person you are now. 
  50. So think about it all night. Let it consume you. Allow your worries and fears to drown out your mind. Scream and punch and cry into your pillow. Curse at people under your breath. Smoke. Cut. Drink. Nothing’s coming back. Especially your old self. It won’t change anything. Take a step back and look at the big picture life has been trying to show you for so long. Open your eyes and be willing to change things.

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i believe they lied ^^
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i want to do this!


Soo Much..


 Looking through the memories of us.
<--- i do this alot.

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