Tuesday, January 25, 2011

it rains; i blog

you only live once. stop waiting and make it happen already. you do what you want, and fuck the rest.

i wanna do this

i love this pic i cant help it lmfao.
 i feel annoying. i feel forgotten. like honestly no one really cares about me anymore. my best friend i never get to see anymore, the rest of my best friends i feel like they’ve all just found that someone they’re closest with and im just here with no one. i want to get out of this place now more than ever but i have no where or one to run too. i let things eat me up inside because i feel like a attention seeking drama queen if i talk about it all. im drowing myself i just want to go bed and stay there forever

1.Name: Steff
2.Gender: Female.
3.Height: 5' 2
4.Age: 21
5.Eye Color: grey/blue/green/yellow
6.Hair Color: Dark brown
7.Virgin?: sure thing boss ;]
8.Smoking?: Nopee
9.Drinking?: of course
10.Drugs? Well I'm starting to think I might get into them :$
11.Sexual Orientation: Straight
12.Job: I need one.
13.Education Level: 12th
14.Favourite Sport: Surfing, skating, racing
15.Favourite Colour: Orange and yellow
16.Siblings: 1 older sissy and 1 younger bro
17.Tattoos?: tons!!
18.Piercings?: ears, lip and wanna do my nose(:
19.Religion?: Catholic
20.Perfect date?: Dinner, coffee, bike riding..
21.Hobbies?: surfing, skating, drawing, writing music, dancing,listening to music..

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