Monday, January 3, 2011

There's no where for us to go.

sometimes i feel like im drowning, and theres nooone there to pull me out of the water.

i just talked to my bestfriend. and its funny how hes became my bestfriend. totally unnexpected. and i will no tmention names. bc noone needs to know who he is. no drama. but basically he keeps me afloat. and i really do appreciate everything hes done for me. even when he didnt have to do anything. hes helped so much!

                         i knew youd leave. i just didnt know when, i think thats what hurts the most.

you be tails and ill be sonic. is. fucking. epic.

i feel like sometimes, life keeps moving and im stuck in the same moment like everyone has left me behind.
like im standing still and im watching everyones lives go on.

ive been practicing my piano. im working on my third song. that i have written myself. im proud of the first two but this will break hearts and be the most sad pitiful song ever i think. i hate song writing when im sad or upset. they come out sad. or angry.

been writing alot lately. my notebooks getting full. i only write in the composition ones i hate spiral notebooks.

            sometimes i just.. want to give up.

                sometimes i just.. feel so lost.

these are my thoughts and memories. spilling onto the screen. and i dont know what else to do but let them out here. where i will not be judged. where i can let everything flowww.

:’) we have started talking more recently. i love it. whenever he talks to me i get in a really good mood.
its insane. that there may actually be a light to every dark.

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