Thursday, January 6, 2011

fast forward to your death what will you regret?

------------------ive become a total fukn night owl---------------------------------

                                   but i know it wont hurt so bad anymore.

i wish you would just explain why you did what you did. but ive had to move on without even so much as a reason. and im glad for what you did. it made this so much easier. bc now i believe your a huge liar, and cheater. and the biggest waste of my time. i really hate you for what youve done now.
im just thinking about everything in my life right now. im just thinking, if i hadn’t of met that one person i wouldn’t be the fucking mess i am now. i mean before i met you i was innocent as can be. before i had met you, i didnt have friends or people constantly tell me stuff i regret. I HATE IT.  ughhh. like seriously, if i could i would i go back to the time where i didn’t know you. maybe then i could go a day without something being brought up.
i really want to start my life fresh but no-one will let me as they always bring up the past. sorry for ranting. i just really need to. im in that mood where you just want to burst out crying. urghhhhh. badtimes…meh. time for a cup a tea.

You live your life in the saddest way i’ve ever seen.

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