Friday, January 7, 2011

100 truths.

1. i hold grudges.
2. ive been in love
3. i have three freckles on my stomach that resemble orions belt
4. i love reality tv
5. im very competitive
6. i hate when people change over night
7. (i change overnight)
8. i HATE being single
9. i have NO patience
10. i dont believe in love at first sight
11. i care to much what ppl think of me12. i get jealous of other girls
12. i get jelous of other girls
13. i am a germaphobic to the EXTREME
14. i hate when people ignore my calls
15. i believe that ionly one boy in my entire life has actually been/ is in love with me
16. i hate my mother
17. sometimes i think my grandma wishes i were someone ese.
18. im afraid of the dark
19. im also terrified of getting hurt.
20. i hate sleeping alone
21. i regret alot of things in my past.
22. im sick of being judged.
23. i miss my long hair
24. i love to lay in the grass
25. lions are my favoite animals
26. i dream of living in california
27. i am through with trying to be perfect
28. i can be annoyingly hyper at times
29. and amazingly chill at others
30. i love driving. and miss it terribly
31. windows down are my escape from the world.
32. i feel he need to escape quite alot.
33. i can never make up my mind.
34. ... about anything
35. especially boys.
36. and i hate that about myself.
37. i care to much about my weight
38. i have long fingers.
39. im terrible at focusing
40. i have full blown hypochondria
41. i love random texts
42. i love sneaking out really late.
43. boys i like tend to be jerks
44. very few of my "bestfriends" are actually there when i need them to be
45. i hate my personality.
46. i hate my face
47. i hate alot about myself
48. im bored with my love life at the moment
49. it needs a change
50. i always spell gymn wrong
51. i stutter.. alot at times =/
52. i used to be manic depressive (but im over that now)
53. now my friends always ask why im so happy
54. the truth is idk
55. i have low self esteem at times
56. i love scene kids. theyre neat
57. i kiss yellow lights
58. when i am in a car and pass something dead, i hold my breath as long as i can so i dont have to breath in germa
59. alot of ppl tend to back stab me
60. so much so, that i expect it now
61. i really want to find that one guy. <3
62. i believe that love is rare and beautiful
63. i hate when people throw around the phrase "iloveyou".. they dont mean it
64. im to critical of others..
65. and of myself
66. i have semi high standards.
67.i used to love hot dogs.
68. now i think theyre disgusting.
69. i hate fish.
70. and people who eat it.. gross1!
71. i hate when people bite theyre forks when they eat. it drives me nuts
72. i hate the fact that i can sit here and name 100 random things about myself and most of you didnt even know 15 of them
73. i have a hard time letting go of things
74. i am a bookworm
75. i hate elevators
76. i love gay men. theyre amazing and so much fun
77. i have blue green eyes
78. and a tiny nose.
79. music is something i use to realte my lifes problems to
80. i love taking pictures
81. i love PDA
82. i am extremely stubborn
83. i love to wrestle
84. im addicted to tattoos
85. i love the smell of viva la juicy
86. im a flirt
87. i like good attention.. im not gonna lie. i think everyone does
88. i hate whistling
89. probably ause i cant
90. i hate when ppl say they dont care what ppl think when they really do
91. 'theres not a canvas in the world big enough to paint my dream'
92. i cry alot.
93. i smile and laugh even more.
94. im high on life. above the influence.
95. i want to get out of jacksonville.
96.theres nothing for me here
97. i bottle my emotions.
98. and im searching for uniqueness
99. im changing every day
100. i miss zack so much.

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