Thursday, January 6, 2011

a heavenly coincidence.

                   and you only saw it how you wanted to see it.

yep. i just thought about you naked.

--honestly i miss this more than i miss you. go figure. i find myself going back to summer. thinking how much things always change in summer. and how i dont need anything but a board a, towel and a bathing suit.

You might regret putting an end to something that once made you smile. You might even cry your eyes out whenever you miss the way it used to be. But remember that time heals almost everything, and the time will come when you’ll no longer cry when you remember it. Instead, you’ll smile and think how better off you are since then.
remember that time when you used to never let me go home without a kiss and cuddle and a close talk at our little spot.
well i dont miss them at all.[:

i just realized ive NEVER been kissed under mistletoe. ha go figure right?!

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