Tuesday, January 11, 2011

now live as you love.


Changes of the bat symbol.
                     "holy shit batman"

i wish i had this. this unforgiving, unforgetting love.
the kind that rips a hole in your heart because you finally know where you belong.
the kind that means everything to you. the kind you dream about. the kind i thought i would always
have. the kind you dont forget ever.

r.i.p. zas. i miss you so much. you were the best friend i couldve wanted. and im so sorry your gone.
i wake up every day to your smiling face. but its only paper and ink. i wish i still had you here to tell you
one more time i love you and i miss you. and bail on everyone and just be alone. talking abou tlife and our great expectations. i miss you more than i miss anyone. forever 21 babe!

where can i find this? wtfsadkjaks;



I need someone who won’t give up on me AGAIN!


i would so do this. i love xbx, and sega, and nintendo, i was such a game nerd for so long.
and i miss it terribly. i miss playing games with my uncle, and all my friends, and my little brother.
i wanna find a guy who will play xbox with me, or sega, or nintendo.


So true.
"just give me one last chance to say this. just give me one last chance to say whats on my mind. id get it right this time"
"i really am fine without you. in fact im better"
you promised.

Such a cutie :”>

My new BF <3 :”>

 one day i hope(:

if you want to leave, you can. i'll remember you though. i remember everyone that leaves. Don't take the time to get to know me if your not going to stick around. I've been hurt way too many times.
You are so oblivious to how much I care about you.

This is “real talk” right here.

you don’t know what pain is until you can’t remember what happiness felt like.
im so obsessed with mustaches(: i want one tattoed on my finger(:
Don’t you just fucking love it when..
you have been going crazy for this guy for so fucking long, and you finally get over him, and you lose hope in love and everything and this guy comes from no fucking where, reunites you with the meaning of liking and loving, and not feeling alone anymore and then next thing you know your over the old guy, and your onto this new guy. who makes you unbelievably happy. then you start to believe in love again, and you start to let them in and start to fucking trust them. and then next thing you know BAM, something fucks up, and shit just finishes and you two are over. and the stupidest thing of all, you have no idea why the fuck you are over. and now, all you know is the old guy is replaced with the new guy, and now you have to do everything in your path to get over this new guy, even though you really do care for him and fucking want him back in your life really badly. but you know that he won’t come back, because people always fucking leave. and you know what sucks even more? being right when you said that “your going to get bored of me” and “your not going to love me after a while” and all those sweet things he said to reassure you that, thats not going to happen, is glued to the back of your mind, and all those memories that you had for those couple of days, are just a split second away from over taking you, and making you go into a day trace, about this one boy, who made you just for a couple of days, feel like love really does exist. 
Yeah, this is how I never want to feel again.

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