Sunday, October 31, 2010

memories on skin.

the last three days have been kinda crazy. thursday night me and meg went to liquid, friday we all went to RV city, and man o man ive never seen more orange and blue, or red and black. it was intense. im finally out of cigarettes and i already know im going to be craving some here shortly i need my nicotine fix more than some people. oh and last night we went out to the rice races but it was lame noone was out, we saw chris with the maroon camaro, and as we were elaving we saw everyone else coming there. then we drove around to like 300 different red box's just to get fast & furious, remember me, and inglorious basterds. which is my favorite movie of ALL time.

i want to see ghost writer it sounds really good. or the trailer to it makes it seem good anyways.
lets see, got panda express for lunch which is by far the best orange chicken ive ever had! its the only place ill eat orange chicken at!

lately i miss playing piano. im classically trained and i havent played in a while. it used to be my therapy and now i dont even do it anymore.
i think im going to start reading more. again, books make us smarter and as well as open our imagination to greater possibilities.
i love the way old book stores smell. uts the best(:

newest favorite quotes;;;
-Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it's very important that you do it. I tend to agree with the first part.
-You once told me, our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch. Is that true for everybody, or is it just poetic bullshit?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

i wanna hold your hand.

last two nights have been insane. and basically intense.

im sitting here with daxx and were watching nick and nora's infinite playlist. its my favorite movie of all time.
im c harging my ipod finally. poor thing i never charge it and neglect it. it probably hates me. if it had feelings of course. i want a new one, with more music space. lol and the newer ones have a camera on them i waaaannnnt that.
ive been thinking about it and ive decided that
my christmas list consists of the following;;
anything hello kitty.
new clothes.
finger tattoos.
and new jewerly and shoes.

i need a new playlist.
or some new music, i have this thing lately that i need new music constantly.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

when you loook at all the mannequins, do thhey remind you of me?

so were getting ready to go to tim's. dax washed autumn finally so shes all clean, and put in the back seat. idk why maybe incase some1 wants to ride in the car?
i have decided i need to invest in some beanies. i like how they loook and i used to have one but somehow it has gotten lost. probably becuse of all the moving ive done over the years.

i def just thought about how i used to et cupcakes every day. hence the reason for the cupcake tattoo on my foot, and i havent ate on in quite sometime, its kind of sad actually how i dont eat them as often as i used to i miss them.. i should start eating them daily again. lol;; cupcakes and coffee. the main ingredients to me.

oh and i think im going to add to my collection hopefully soon, i want more finger tattoos(: and theyre probably gonna end up being some of these(:

who knows i might just get four at one time! im commited. i love the hello kitty, fancy bow, tooth and diamond(:
i like finger tattoos. speaking of we need to get dax t commit and actually get one! lol im not used to being around people who dont have tattoos. but i think its kinda nice to see fresh untouched skin. makes me feel like a goon! jk
"  i wear my art on my skin, the ink on my skin are memories i will keep forever" - kat von d
noone couldve said it better. anyways more later(:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please tell the big man i said "hello".

so im sitting here with dax watching batman under the red hood animated version. lol its pretty sweet cant lie. i always used to watch batman when i was little. but i have my love for spidey. he's my secret husband. and whats wierd is i hatttttte spiders with a passion. but on the other hand im in looooove with harley quinn. anyways, so robin just got blown up by the joker, it was so bad he lost his shoes....

today we did another photoshoot, i was rocking the purple leggings(:
and then we met megggg-o and went to the avenues for some shopping cause were all going to the club for her bday tomorrow night. and on the way hom i got red leggings, and panda expresssss. yumm i love orange chicken.
ive been in a mood lately. idk what it is i think im just adjusting to new things. and we all know i love change i cant seem to get used to things and settle my love for things, some stick some dont.
anywhoooo i need to go shopping, i need new rings, bracelets, clothes, and shoes. i saw a dare sweater i wanted so bad today and couldnt get it, i was a little depressed im not gonna lie.
i need to alter some sweaters and shirts tonight.

oh my new obsession;;
leggings. and heels.
expect to be seeing more of them around. theyre way more comfy than pants!

why do i not have those hello kittty shoes?
anways maybe go shopping with lex tomorrow..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'll never be like Barbie; Barbie doesnt have scars.

So i had a photoshoot today in riverside.
beach tonight. my spot in st. auggie (:
meghan wants to go to club liquid thursday or brass monkey! she's finally legal!

went to tim's and talked about some random funny things.
goinnnnnng to be hello kitty for halloween;;
here are some ideasss;;;;;

been on a jonny craig kick lately. looovee him!!
i need to get more hair ties and bowsss.
finally got all my clips.

thinking about getting either a hello kitty or a cupcake or a tooth tattoo on my right middle finger.
also thinking about extending my stars on my right arm.
and maybe an est. 1989 (:
the newest;;;;
love my hair lately(:

anyways night world(: