Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'll never be like Barbie; Barbie doesnt have scars.

So i had a photoshoot today in riverside.
beach tonight. my spot in st. auggie (:
meghan wants to go to club liquid thursday or brass monkey! she's finally legal!

went to tim's and talked about some random funny things.
goinnnnnng to be hello kitty for halloween;;
here are some ideasss;;;;;

been on a jonny craig kick lately. looovee him!!
i need to get more hair ties and bowsss.
finally got all my clips.

thinking about getting either a hello kitty or a cupcake or a tooth tattoo on my right middle finger.
also thinking about extending my stars on my right arm.
and maybe an est. 1989 (:
the newest;;;;
love my hair lately(:

anyways night world(:

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