Thursday, October 28, 2010

when you loook at all the mannequins, do thhey remind you of me?

so were getting ready to go to tim's. dax washed autumn finally so shes all clean, and put in the back seat. idk why maybe incase some1 wants to ride in the car?
i have decided i need to invest in some beanies. i like how they loook and i used to have one but somehow it has gotten lost. probably becuse of all the moving ive done over the years.

i def just thought about how i used to et cupcakes every day. hence the reason for the cupcake tattoo on my foot, and i havent ate on in quite sometime, its kind of sad actually how i dont eat them as often as i used to i miss them.. i should start eating them daily again. lol;; cupcakes and coffee. the main ingredients to me.

oh and i think im going to add to my collection hopefully soon, i want more finger tattoos(: and theyre probably gonna end up being some of these(:

who knows i might just get four at one time! im commited. i love the hello kitty, fancy bow, tooth and diamond(:
i like finger tattoos. speaking of we need to get dax t commit and actually get one! lol im not used to being around people who dont have tattoos. but i think its kinda nice to see fresh untouched skin. makes me feel like a goon! jk
"  i wear my art on my skin, the ink on my skin are memories i will keep forever" - kat von d
noone couldve said it better. anyways more later(:

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