Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please tell the big man i said "hello".

so im sitting here with dax watching batman under the red hood animated version. lol its pretty sweet cant lie. i always used to watch batman when i was little. but i have my love for spidey. he's my secret husband. and whats wierd is i hatttttte spiders with a passion. but on the other hand im in looooove with harley quinn. anyways, so robin just got blown up by the joker, it was so bad he lost his shoes....

today we did another photoshoot, i was rocking the purple leggings(:
and then we met megggg-o and went to the avenues for some shopping cause were all going to the club for her bday tomorrow night. and on the way hom i got red leggings, and panda expresssss. yumm i love orange chicken.
ive been in a mood lately. idk what it is i think im just adjusting to new things. and we all know i love change i cant seem to get used to things and settle my love for things, some stick some dont.
anywhoooo i need to go shopping, i need new rings, bracelets, clothes, and shoes. i saw a dare sweater i wanted so bad today and couldnt get it, i was a little depressed im not gonna lie.
i need to alter some sweaters and shirts tonight.

oh my new obsession;;
leggings. and heels.
expect to be seeing more of them around. theyre way more comfy than pants!

why do i not have those hello kittty shoes?
anways maybe go shopping with lex tomorrow..

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