Wednesday, January 19, 2011

if i was high everyday id never be low again.

"i dont get along with people easily. i hate alot. i love a few. i never am satisfied. i hate talking to people i don’t really know. i’m really stubborn, and i like everything my own way. but dont get that crossed with “spoiled” because im not. i appreciate everything people do, or have done for me. i don’t take things for granted. i am a nice person with you. untill you have done something that i dont tollerate but because ive been hurt too many times i guess i dont want to be involved with a few friends any more because im blamed for your mistakes im blamed for making you smile when you tell me your unhappy im talked about under the sun , that im a bad influence and have you on the wrong track when acctually im just trying to help you find your feet again and a simple thank you is the best kind of feeling but apparently, but your to ignorant to see whats around you instead youd rather sit there depressed soaking up every ones fucking sympathy. "

lmfao this is so me.

i would love to have this dog please?


I would like these nails and this nugget. please and thank you.

i love this!

theres a vulture on my shoulder tellling me to give in.



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