Thursday, November 11, 2010

with her diamond eyes, and sewn up heart.

step through the glass.
let no lie be unseen.
these are the best days or your life.
don't waste it like the rest.
run, don't stop.
your not wasting one minute.
you are a god.
never let anyone tear you down.

My outfits never match,
but I think its better that way.
I love neon and leopard.
I'm obsessed with my new betsey johnson bag and bape sneakers.
I want to write a book.
Drama has just become entertaining.
Nothing can hurt me anymore.
As long as I know who I am,
nothing anyone says can make that change,
Will & Grace is my new favorite show.
Laying in bed till 2 is my favorite.
shaggy hair.
she is the hippy from the eighties.
i hate wearing shoes.
hellokitty has consumed my life.
through thick & thin,
this is a war i will always win.
i will just hold on tight,
and sit back, while enjoying the ride.
gasping for everything breath,
i will live,
no one can take me down.
just hold on. everything will work out.
you have to fight through the bad, to get to the good.
life can't always be perfect.
why do i find myself until 6 in the morning when no one is out and the only sound i hear is my thoughts. where is everyone? i'm not tired. i sit in bed, i start thinking, i never stop thinking.

i love the random adventures. my life is a movie, you never know whats going to happen next.
All my pieces are finally falling together.
Everything is making sense.
In just a few days,
a new chapter in my life will be beginning.

I couldn't ask for anything more at the moment.
And even though I seek to fix my imperfections,
I am slowly learning to deal with them,
and turn them into something beautiful.

No one is perfect,
and there is no reason to spend your lives
searching for perfection.

I am seeking for the other half,
and the day has come.

my hairs darker.
with blonde in it.
i want it like this eventually;;
and i want my monroe.
and new finger tatts.
and coffffeeeeeeee.
life is changing better make the best of it.

CALI BOUND in four days!

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