Thursday, November 4, 2010

garbage pail gang kid.

its 3;36 am and i had the best 4 hour nap i can remember having in a long time. i remember falling asleep i just dont know why i was so tired. i had a headache and we started watching ghost writer which sucked btw, and i just was out like a light. now im awake got a shower, and am about to watch walk the line.

we went to borders today in search of my book im trying to get its edie; american girl who i have mentioned before is my new idol. i love her, shes absolutely amazing. now if only i can find the book without having to order it online..
 we'll see.

so i am full speed ahead into  my 8-'s fashion era. and its awesome, im in love with the movies, music and styles. hot pants, leggings, leotards, oversized shirts, ankle boots, hats, headbands, im all about it now. it just feels right. i keep getting looked at funny, but i dont care. people dont have an appreciation for what has made the clothes what they are now. if it wasnt for the 80's fashion we wouldnt have the leggings, or ankle boots. so forth and so on for every fashion era. i have a respect for fashion whatever it might be. i always wanted to be a fashion designer, or a model. who knows maybe one day ill get to do both.

went to art walk. first time in a year, but i think we might go every couple months or something. something different to do in our routines. its always fun to look at art for me, becaause everyone see's it differently. art is expression and interpretation, depends on what mood the artist is in to create the art we see.

dax is making me a vanity, and we might go hang out with tim tomorrow. i need new pictures. and i love my new hat! anyways here's somethings im into right now and some inspirations(:

i cant wait for my hair to get long again, i have to remember to take my biotin, so it'll grow faster. i want it to be around rib mid stomach length. and right now its just past my collarbones. and i think im going to go all natural, and not dye it till its all grown out. the ends are horrible! and i cant decide wether to go darker or add blonde. but for now i dont want to make any drastic decisions, so im staying the color it is, which is actuallly a shade lighter than my natural hair color. lol odd i know. but hopefully in a year or shorter itll be all grown out.

i want a new ipod, mines old and doesnt have enough room. plus the now itouch's have a camera i feel very non-tech since i have had mine for like 3 years now.

plans for dax's room are underway. lol. um we plan on getting rid of the futon, and single bed and getting a queen bed, and maybe getting another dresser, some nightstands, painting it orange probably, like a flame orange though, and using brown's. surprisingly they go good together, i plan to hang art after its painted. (and no worries ill leave his section for his dark night posters; i wouldnt take away what makes someone happy) fixing the holes, and getting a flat screen. there will be so much more room in here when were done. for now there's a gloomy bear on the wall, its blue in here, and theres too much stuff. im dealing with it though i mean my room at my grandmas is a storage room. haha not much in there is mine besides the bed and dressers and night stands.

anyways im going to go watch this movie. ive been craving chinese! and sushi(: illl update tomorrow!

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