Sunday, November 7, 2010

ugly little duckling.

i miss some things about when i was young. like how when i turn the tv on on saturday mornings its not all infomercials, there were actual cartoons on not these lame ass cartoons these days. theyre all like not normal i guess,, not the ones im used to anyways. im used to the cartoons like bugs bunny, road runner, homestar runner, felix the cat, ect. ect.
now theres just a bunch of bullshit on tv like who wants to count with mickey mouse, or watch pheneaus and ferb? wth is wrong with the cartoon makers these days? they suck! just saying. idk im ranting over damn cartoons.
and im dissapointed in disney movies these days too. theyre lame.

idk things havent been sitting right with me lately. somethings off. and idk what it is. its depressing. like i hate certain things now, and i wont name them here. but i just do and i cant seem to get past these things.
maybe i moved to fast. maybe i rushed things, ugh im doing it again, i knew i would and now i wish i wouldve been able to take things slowely. maybe i should learn my lesson.
i feel like um im not going anywhere and he's way to far ahead of me. ugh shits so rice. and hoonestly i dont want to talk about it, i dont want to work it out, it wont work out im not gonna force myself to feel something i dont want to.
i have a good point ive come to lately..
how can you fall for someone when your not completely over someone else?
heres the conclusion... you CANT. it isnt possible.
anyways. idk. 

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