Sunday, November 21, 2010

cali in short.

california is amazing(:
we had so much fun.
the drive back was exausting.
we drove 12 hours the first day and 24 the second.
texas is officially boring as hell.
i never want to drive through texas again.
i was so exausted when we got back i slept for 2 days.

we went out last night to the races.
and i gave adam his camera back, or well its at my house since hes trying to say i stole it. which i dont get how did i steal it if he refuses to talk to m so i can give it back? makes no sense right?
anyways so this brandon kid trav hangs out with is exactly like trav. lol they both have adhd..
try riding in the car with them!
im going to upload more videos later of the two hyper kids i just mentioned.
anyways its 8 am in jacksonville, trav is working, im sorta tired.
my nails look horrible lately. i need to re paint them.
so ive decided no more drinking. sober is sexy. and i need to stop anyways.

trav is supposed to be buying me a ring. hopefully he isnt bs-ing about his feelings, but i dont think he is.
im neurotic, and nostalgic, and ocd lately.
im overthinking, and under minding situations.
i miss my hair, and best friend.
and sometimes (only sometimes) i wish i would have never gotten tattoos.
fresh skin has become beautiful to me over time.
but i love all my tattos and dont regret any of them.
im tired, back to bed(:
more later..

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