Monday, November 22, 2010

id do it for you.

so i officially live at travis's but i have to find a job soon.
i need to dye my hair all one color the blonde is getting old now.
i need to upload videos of trav and brandon lol those two together are a trip.
the fam is watching tinkerbell movie the second one i think.

thanksgiving is on thursday. coming up quick.
lets see what do i have to be thankful for?
for one travis, great and understanding family, and awesome friends.
now if i could only get a job and a car id be even more thankful.
one thing i love about the holidays are how everyone puts aside theyre differences and comes together.
oh and the food. omg the food.
we usually have turkey, ham, ruttebegas, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, veggies, biscuits, and pie. lots of pies.
that is if granny cooks this year.
same on christmas minus the turkey lol.

ive been thinking lately..
why live in the past? its a waste of time.
if you live in the past, you never progress, you never move forward. so the point is if you like to stay in the past then you should, and if you want to better your life and move forward then you shouldnt dwel on things in the past.

my new favorite song at the moment is "right thru me" by nicki minaj.
i love her anyways and that song is just self explanitory. its awesome. lol oh and no hands by roscoe dash, everyones in love with it and ive heard it for 9 months ahead of time.
hmm oh checked the band versaemerge out. they changed my life.
along with the deftones- sextape.
amazing. i love and crave constant new music.
without music i wouldnt survive through life.
anyways sierra kusterbeck from versaemerge is my new idol.
she inspires me. i cant explain it she just does.

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