Friday, November 19, 2010

home sweet home.

i could never be happier to see the
jacksonville sign as i was last night.

we drove 9 hours the first day.
slept in el paso texas for 5 hours.
then drove 24 hours from 3 am til 3 am.
straight to jacksonville.
as soon as we got off the exit to jacksonville
on the cecil commerce road
the car started to break down,
needless to say we drove 40 the whole way home.
2240 miles.
37 hours of memories made.
6-7 videos.
and 300 pictures.

i definatly needed a road trip.
this one was exausting.
but so worth it.
it made me realize alot i appreciate.
i will never take home or people i love for
granted again.


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