Sunday, November 14, 2010

diamond eyes.

so cali bound tomorrow.
there for a few days.
ill be in sandy eggo.
then were driving and sightseeing on the way back.
itll take about four days of 6-12 hour drives.
alot of videos and pics will be uploaded to
it should be awesome.

trav is gonna have to keep himself busy.
i wrote him a letter (:
and we got pics developed yesterday,
so now im on his dash, and in his walllet.
and hes next to my bed at home.
i have to like coax him into taking pictures with me.
lol he hates it!
but im a picture whore so i love taking pictures.
im going to miss him.

well be gonna about a week or so maybe like 8 days.

im exausted.
we went muddin last night and now everything hurts.
i thought i broke my hand, cause i landed prettyy hard on it.
and we flipped over the handle bars.
it was freezing im surprised im not sick.
my immune system must love me lately.
im in 80's take over.
lol of course.
too many cigarettes and not enough coffee.
were getting instant coffee for the trip back.
and a carton of cigarettes.
everythings packed.
except my carry on cause i need my make up.
cahrging camera batteries and ipod.
cant forget face soap.
and pillow and blankie, and all motor.
god im so excited.
but i need sleep.
we dont leave til 5 tomorrow.
we go from here to atlanta, then have an hour layover in atlanta, and fly 3 hours to cali.
i cant wait to get there.
we should be having fun, im sure there will be tons of memories made.

my hairs getting long.
but it needs to be rib length.
i need to stop thinnning it out so itll be nice and thick.
so only cutting sides and bangs.
and i need a keratin treatment.
or pretien and i need my ends trimmed but i dont want to cut it shorter so ill just deal.
anyways more later looking for hotels(:


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