Wednesday, November 10, 2010

im the berlin wall, go ahead and try to tear me down.

life. to live life with no regrets.
to be free, and not let anyone hold you back.
i dance, dance the night away.
few hours of sleep.
i don't care what you say.
your opinions just build my character.
i love this. every minute of it.
i have defined the word reality.
taking everything in, and not holding back..
this month is when everything starts to take action.
thoughts becoming solid ideas.

im addicted to sunflower seeds.
i love to lay in bed eatting them,
while watching marie antoinette with someone i love.
he gets me, and i get him.
everything is finally making sense.
sometimes you have to lose, in order to gain.
i have learned this many times in my life.
the pain is what makes you stronger.
and even though it may seem like the end,
there is always a way out.. a new day.

i moved on. i let go. i walked away.
starting fresh for this new year.
a makeover of the soul.

time to get to work.
photoshoots galore..

2011. lets make this happen.
i love LIFE.

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