Sunday, February 6, 2011


i fukn hate alot of things, i hate how when iwant something i can never find it, or when im sore i cant get ahold of myself, or when ifall apart someone else has to put me back together.
i hate how girls think theyre awesome and theyre actually the nastiest ugliest people inside and out.
i hate how i ge ignored, i hate my add.
i hate thinking its gonna be ok and it never rly is.
i hate how i miss things and ill never get it back.
i hate irritating people.
esp when im having a good time.
i hate alot.
but then again i love alot to.
i have alot of love for those close to me
those who have MY back
those who do take time for ME.
not the ones that lie cheat and steal from or to me.

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