Thursday, February 3, 2011

dear yuckary.

i miss movie nights
ahhh backflip king bwahha, the only one who could beat me to doing a backflip. haha we used to have backflip dares i miss almost dying and you saving me.
i miss this smile more than anything.
i write you letters..i send you texts..i feel like i've gone crazy when i have conversations with you in my head. it all gets lost in the blue, cuz there's no address in the stars.  i can't believe i've lived life for a whole month without you. and i can't believe i have to do this the rest of my life. && everytime i see a boy that resembles you my heart stops and falls to my stomach. i feel that rush again. the rush of a thousand heartbreaks. without you here with me i don't know what to do. i'd give anything just to talk to you. everyday, it never fails-you're the best and worst parts of my days. i guess some things will never change..unlike everyone else, i unknowingly took our friendship for granted. i never thought about what my life would be like if you weren't here, or how i would get things done, or who would help me every single day-just to get through the smallest of obstacles. i miss your face, i miss your smell, i miss your rude interruptions, i miss our inside jokes. nobody knows my brain and my sense of humor like you. i feel like i'm never again going to laugh the way we would together. i miss the scrunchy face you would make when you would tell us about 'some idiot' and do their impression. i miss you getting on to me like a big brother would and helping me fix whatever rut i got myself into that day. because it happened everyday. life has to go back to normal now, but my life can't, because every single day my life consisted of you. i miss you so much i physically hurt. i hope that i find you in heaven, cuz i'm so lost without you down here. i don't even know where to begin to pick up the pieces of my life. it's so weird to see that life is still going on without you. but it's not for me..i still wake up thinking i'll see your text "water we doing today?" and i have to stop myself from getting a pepperoni and pineapple pizza because i always swore i wouldnt eat them without you. everything reminds me of you. every little thing.. my heart and soul ache for you yuck. i love you.


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