Sunday, February 6, 2011

last night wow.

-total embarassment.
- talked to him
- got told fuck you 8 times
-then "not really" followed
-fought little stephen and got thrown into a Si seat
-now have a huuuuuge red mark / bruise on my neck like this big:
-knee hurts
-confessed things i would never confess
-talked about people i missed
-threw cake
-ruined two v necks
-2 four lokos and 3 beers
-ran into a random door
-danced to tbs in the garage
-screamed lyrics with ned
-broke down
-fell apart
-toook a walk in the rain
-changed shirts like 6 times
-videos watched this morning
-laughed and blushed
-oh and btwwwwww chicken nuggets drunk are awesome.
-i miss him.

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