Monday, February 7, 2011

The only reasons I don’t want to talk to you anymore

is because I don’t want to lose you; I don’t want to say something wrong and lose you forever. I don’t want to see you hate me. And I want to love you forever, hold you forever, hide in your arms forever. Because you make me feel protected from everything. Because even though you’re the one who hurt me, seeing you smile makes me happy. I hate having an idealized version of love, but everything you do seems ideal to me. It really does even though I know it’s not. You’re far from perfect, but you’re everything I’m scared of losing. And you’re everything I’ve always wanted.

love them!

omgg. gotta catch them alllllll!!!!!!!!
zack once asked me, “would you rather lose your sense of hearing, or sight?”
I told him hearing, and he said he’d rather lose his sight.
‘Cus I’m an artist, and he’s loves music.
“So one day, if we had to choose, I’d be your ears, and you’d be my eyes :)”
--well whos gonna be my ears now?

"The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how they love them while they’re alive."
Optimus Prime


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