Sunday, December 26, 2010

If i die young.

around 3 yesterday i recieved the information that changed my life forever.
a very close friend of mine passed away around one yesterday afternoon.
in a motorcycle accident, he hit the guardrail and the news report said he passed away at the scene.
3 days shy of his 22nd birthday.
so im dedicating this blog, and everyday of the rest of my life to him.
i can see him telling everyone to not be sad! he was the life of the party, and a true friend. he had this way of making everyone so happy around him.

he was an amazing person, and an awesome friend to have. i have been given the priviledge of knowing and loving a human being who truelly touched my soul and heart. i will never forget zack and al the fun times weve had together. all the things he helped me through, crazy nights, countless four lokos. crazy conversations.

its so hard to believe stilll. i will never let his memory die.
RIP zackkyyy i always have and always will love you!
see you again someday(:

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