Friday, December 24, 2010

10 things i would love to say but dont have the guts to;;

10- I really dont like how sloppy you can be. when your slacking.
9- i love how you make me smile when i really dont feel like smiling, and how hard you try to make me happy no matter what your feeling.
8- i wish you were still around these days when i need you the most.
7- youve changed me so much, i cant even begin to tell you the things ive done for you i wouldvve never done for anyone else on this earth.
6- im really scared to lose you. even when im mad at you. i dont ever want to lose you. and i cant say the same for anyone else. i really do need you like you dont even know.
5- i wish you would try new things. i wish you wouldnt dwell. i wish i could pull you out of your overanalization of things without pulling myself into it as well.
4- i hope oneday we really do get married.
3- your nothing like anyone ive ever met. and i cant begin to explain how i mean that, or why i cant say that to you, i guess im scared you wont believe me.
2- i wish you would stop asking about my past relationships, and focus on the future. and i wish you would stop saying idc about everything and everytime im trying to have a serious convo with you.
1- im sorry for the beginning to our relationship, and im sorry it had to be so rough.

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