Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus.

its christmas!
last night we went to travs gmas, then home, then to my gmas.
we didnt get done til 3.
went to ihop and had christmas breakfast.

by far this is the best christmas ever.
for material things i got;;
an ebook, 100$ gift card, viva la juicy, jewerly, scarf & hat, a leather jacket, jammies, sweater dress, and a purple sweater.
im satisfied.
and non material gain i got the love of my life, and great family. and amazing friends.
its been a great ending to a horrible and trying year.
time for a new year and new things(:
im excited to start this year with an amazing guy, and my family by my side.
hopefully this year i can get my tickets paid!
we shall see(:
anyways merry christmas everyone. happy kwanza, and haunaka!

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