Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 4: Your parents

Me, My uncle, My sister.

my aunt, me, my grandmother.
my parents (:
well the only three of my family i can consider parents.
i have a step dad, who my little brother lives with. but he doesnt like me and my sister. so he barley talks to us.
my mom is non apparent, and hasnt been around in 7 years.
no phone calls, cards nothing.
i prefer it that way, if she wants to pretend she never had me and my sister thats fine with me.
i love the three parents i do have.
my family is small but atleast they care more than anyone i know.
they will always be here for me, and i can count on them no matter what.
my love for them is unconditional!
i will always love my family no matter how small it is.

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