Friday, December 10, 2010

coffee meet.

In the morning.
with the rice family.
me and trav painted his valve cover(:
all black everything.
his car is sooooo much better with tthe carpet in.
5 1/2 hours til i have to be up,
i probably will let trav sleep and then wake him up in the morning.

so i got this email, and it was creepy.
i sent it to the police i was so scared for my life.
and creeped out.
theres a first time for everything.

i have full frontal bangs, i dont like them not straightened but i def like them.
theyll take some getting used ot.

christmas is soon, and i feel horrible bc i cant get anyone anything.
i think when i go to my gmas house ill get my monroe done, and write some
merry christmas cards(:

i got a domo(:
and when trav's car id finished ill donate him to ride backseat(:
i need to make a block off for the 2 vents in the front, no point in having them if we have no ac or heat.

ive learned recently you should forgive others for all of theyre faults.
even if you really dont think they deserve it.
itll make your life wayyyy less stressful, and make you happier in the end.
i was reading about buddism i like it.
and some things i will choose to follow from here on out.

i still want my iTR.
see im changing.
i always change.
but there are few constants in my life.
i keep some things the same.
someone once told me " the human mind enjoys repetition."
i am no exception.
hence the favorite songs, colors, ect.

im more patient, and kind.
still have a short temp.
im working on it.
hands down.

over and out.

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