Wednesday, December 1, 2010

christmas time is the best time.

i am not looking foreward to christmas.
not because i probably wont get any presents.
but because im just not in a very christmas mood.
idek. i like to observe others christmas's and see how they celebrate it.
my family likes to go to midnight mass, then open presents.
i have yet to meet any one else like that yet.
weve been doing it since i was really little, and its bc my grandmother is a devout catholic.
even though she seems to forget sometimes. lol
i dont have much of a family, maybe thats why i dont like it so much anymore.
but despite my feelings about it, its still time to spend with them.
i owe them all so much.
the least i can do is spend time with them.

im like the grinch of christmas.
im just not into the whole stealing presents thing.

im getting tired of the blonde in my hair.
im thinking about dying it all dark brown.
i just cut my bangs last night and i might need to go a little shorter.
i wont know til i straighten them today.

my sister is going to pierce my monroe.
hopefully before christmas.
in 4 days itll be me and trav's 3 months.
9/5/10 <3

my playlist lately has the following:
1. sparks the rescue
2. a day to remember
3. the maine
4. red jumpsuit apparatus
5. T. Mills
6. Nicki minaj - pink friday
7. lil Wayne- I am not a human being
8. Gucci mane

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