Sunday, March 13, 2011

i havent updated in a while.

but i woke up this morning and my  heart hurt.
hasnt felt this way in a while.
alots been going on, my doctor appt is on may 13th.
so thank god it wasnt and emergency or anything (sarcasm)
IA atlanta is coming up, V2 lab is coming up.
ew ok so my "stalker" lol (shes been named that) is talking to almost all of my ex's
that girl must love sloppy seconds!
and shes trying to be all friends with the KI group. lol none of them know you and already dont like you.
theyre my fam now, so gtfo.
anyways, so races last night, everyone including stalker, and ex trav were there. lmfao.
uh raced a gto and the fan fell off,
ate dinner with granny(: it was schmayyzing.
got some more clothess to take to johns house.
well my house.. our house.
got 3 fish, rajah, samy, and Mr. limpits.
theyre cute as hell!
starting an art series, fiona and franklyn(:
ill have to post pics when im done with the first few drawings(:
my life is pretty goood right now.
i found new pics of zack =/ it hurts.
i miss him more than anyone.
im letting go, im tired of worrying what everyone else thinks.
ive done it wayy to long and i dont care to do it anymore.
im forgetting you, and her.
im walking out on everyone whos walked out on me.
and im starting over.
me, zack, john, and my new fam. and my real fam.
making a break for it.
here goes nothing.

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